What We Do

The Jewish Montessori Society nurtures and grows the network of Jewish Montessori schools worldwide by

  • Partnering with Jewish communities seeking to start their own Jewish Montessori schools.

    • The JMS is currently working with groups in Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Brooklyn to start Jewish Montessori schools in these major Jewish communities
    • Offering intensive coaching, marketing assistance, public relations and connections to the expanding community of experienced Jewish Montessorians that can provide curricula, teacher training and other expert advice, the JMS ensures that no local community has to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch.
  • Working with new and established Jewish Montessori schools on the unique challenges of marketing, fundraising and student recruitment/retention

    • These fundamental activities require the deep knowledge and experience of Jewish Montessori that the JMS provides. When your school does not have the typical or traditional elements of school that parents come to expect such as tests, grades or homework, blackboards and rows of desks and chairs, then you need to connect and educate parents and donors in completely different ways.
  • Organizing and facilitating live and electronic conversations by and between Jewish Montessori teachers, administrators, trustees and parents on a wide range of topics such as curriculum development, student discipline, marketing, and fundraising.

    • Regular webinars on timely topics of interest to Jewish Montessorians, including the integrated curriculum, creative parent education events, and awesome, hands-on Passover projects.
    • Annual Jewish Montessori conferences and mini-conferences at national Jewish educational gatherings such as PEJE and the North American Jewish Day School Conference.
  • Online directory of all Jewish Montessori schools in North America, the first ever of its kind.

  • Advocacy and awareness of Jewish Montessori in the larger Jewish world

    • Coaching professional and lay leadership in the essentials of “client development” to expand awareness of Jewish Montessori in general and their schools in particular. The JMS regularly meets Jewish parents and educators who attended regular Montessori schools and are astounded to hear that Jewish Montessori schools actually exist.
    • Through blogging, mainstream media coverage of Montessori generally, Jewish media and pointed word of mouth strategies, the JMS aspires to make Jewish Montessori as well-known and familiar in the Jewish world as eating matzoh and hearing the shofar.

© The Jewish Montessori Society

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